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You wanna bet? Digital twins will replace lists

The areas of application of our digital twins are enormously diverse: from political mediation in the planning of large construction projects to training in a virtual environment and the process and function optimisation of machines and plants.

Public consultation and visualisation

Show and communicate your planning with the help of an interactive and realistic 3D model. By visualizing today's existing built environment and various design options, you help residents and affected persons to understand the effects of planned changes. From entire city districts to individual construction projects or traffic or climate protection measures: With Digital Twins you can convince where others still discuss! We show you examples...

Real-world modelling and planning optimisation

The vision of being able to offer a functioning digital twin system for modelling and analysing operational and future scenarios is a matter of course in many branches of industry. However, the construction sector with the most complex and variable scenarios is a huge prototype of individual projects. It is precisely here that the digital twin holds enormous potential for greater foresight and a better basis for investment decisions. For many organizations, however, implementation is complex and expensive due to the heterogeneous and segmented database that often has grown historically. Point clouds of existing buildings are very popular these days. However, these have serious disadvantages: they are relatively expensive to create, have an extremely large data volume and do not have a semantic object structure. Our approach is completely different. We generate data-lean vector models from normal photos or videos and use AI for object recognition. Cost-efficient and value-adding. We show you examples...

Simulation and process optimisation

Design your production and logistics processes more efficiently and improve the occupational safety of your employees. Order spare parts, plan and simulate procedures and processes at the digital twin of your building or technical plant. Our Digital Twins can be linked to simulators or data analysis software such as Apache Kafka. This allows scenarios to be run through on the digital model and important findings about "what if..." can be collected. In this way, you can optimize time- and resource-intensive activities. We show you examples...

Asset and facility management

You have a large amount of data and information and know everything about your assets. Almost everything. After all, can you predict where something will break down in the near future? We create your digital twin of your fixed assets with all the objects you maintain and manage. Linked with data from sensors, IoT or other systems, your Digital Twin becomes the intuitive data centre of your maintenance and servicing processes. We also link our Digital Twins directly to your facility management solutions. We show you examples...


Anyone who moves with Virtual Reality (VR) in our 3D worlds learns easily and playfully. Whether alone or in competition, training on the virtual model increases motivation, brings great learning success and at the same time offers more safety. We create active and passive as well as directed and undirected training applications, which can be configured and carried out with little effort. We show you examples...

Data integration and object libraries

In most organisations there are many data-bearing systems in which master data, commercial data, object information, contract data and much more is stored, maintained and managed. Often these systems become data silos in which individual data records are difficult to find and in which data is partially redundant. Our digital twins can be linked to a variety of data systems to efficiently manage the wealth of data. Together with partners we offer web-based data integration solutions. In this way we create intuitive access to relevant information via a web-based Digital Twin. We would also be happy to help you with our extensive experience with object libraries to build and maintain your own digital object library We show you examples...

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