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One model – many faces

The Digital Twin comes in many different forms, for example as a standalone player for your PC or laptop, as a web-based player, as an app on a mobile device, as an editable CAD or BIM model or as a VR/AR application. One model - many faces!

3D Rocket Player: Without installation and license costs on your PC or laptop

Basically, you receive your digital 3D model in a real-time player - our "3D Rocket Player", like a digital piece of music in a music player. Our player is delivered as an executable file (".exe") and requires no installation or software license. The basic function of the player allows you to navigate freely through the model in various camera settings (running, flying, orbit). In addition, there are many functions and so-called "Helpers" that you can order. The most frequently requested Helpers include

  • "Clickable" objects, i.e. the semantization of the model in the player
  • Switching between present and design options
  • Measuring lengths and angles in the model
  • Presentation of simulations and analysis results (sound and emission propagation, flooding, visual axes, etc.)
  • Daylight system for the simulation of shadow casting
  • Seasonal system with different weather conditions
  • Move, rotate and scale objects in the scene ("sandbox")
  • Camera jump positions
  • Camera path creation
  • Commenting tool for localized entry of comments

There are many other functions that we are happy to provide for you. Please contact us.

3D Rocket Player Web GL

The 3D Rocket Player is also available as a web version, which you can integrate into an existing website or web-based platform. This allows you to potentially reach a large number of people and share your model with many people. Almost all of the "helper" functionalities (see Standalone Player) are also available in the web version.

Models as export to common 3D CAD or BIM models

CAD or BIM models are typically created and developed during a design process. Increasingly, design is being carried out three-dimensionally and object-based (BIM). However, 3D as-built models are rarely available. We can export your digital twin to almost all common CAD formats without significant additional effort. We can also follow your CAD modelling guidelines. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on formats and possibilities.

Digital twins in VR and AR applications, films and renderings

Our 3D models can of course also be delivered as fully immersive models in a virtual reality (VR) environment. We are able to serve different target formats and technologies, from cave to 3D goggles. We also have experience with semi-immersive technologies ("Augmented Reality" or "AR") and can deliver corresponding models. From our models, films, renderings and visualizations can be efficiently created at will, also enriched with text, music and other effects.

Models on mobile devices and app developments

Would you like to take your digital twin with you in a specially designed app on a tablet or mobile device? No problem. We can develop apps and models for Android and iOS.

You have questions about our products and solutions - please contact us

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